ASWU Shuttle Program


Program studies – what it means?

Students studying at a university or college with a view to obtaining a degree at the undergraduate level can study 3-12 months in another European higher education institution in any of the 30 other countries under the student program.

To become an eligible for the above, a student must study hard and pass a test.

Teaching is usually in the national language as well as possible, in addition to learning a new language, also learn about another culture and make lifelong friends from all over Europe. Universities in many countries, but also courses in English.


Before departure, students must have completed at least one year of university studies, and one is entitled to credit for the period of study abroad after their return, provided you have completed their studies.

Scholarship for studies

As an eligible student, you get a scholarship from their own institution. The scholarship is a contribution to cover additional costs associated with the experience.

The scholarship amount varies between 200 and 500 euros per month. The institution which determines the size. Costs in addition to this, the student must provide. Disabled students can apply for extra support. Man turns to his hemlärosäte for more information about it.

It is also possible to receive a grant for language preparation before embarking on their studies abroad. In some lesser-used languages ​​(not English, French, Spanish and German) are the preparatory courses known as Intensive Language Courses.

Shuttle Program having listed two options, really secures the future of students.

Students can apply for free before the studies begin. For more information, see the our Intensive Language Courses on our website.

With the numerous options students can choose from, ensuring their future is within their hands. They also have a chance to venture into other foreign countries. They can adopt valuable knowledge and experience that is different from what they are accustomed to back  home.