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Our services is formerly known as welfare but is now called financial assistance or income support. Here you can read about what generally is required to obtain income support during your studies.

General regulations

Financial assistance is sought in the municipality where you will find yourself, and not necessarily, where you are registered. To get the support you need to have no other options to get financial support (such as unemployment insurance and maternity benefits). You should also have been active job seekers to get income support. You may not have any assets that are easy to access, or had a high income in the preceding months. If you have assets that are difficult to access immediately, such as a real estate or home exchange, you can get income support for a shorter period (normally four months), while you sell the asset or arrange your finances. The municipal social welfare authorities assess each case, what should be considered as an asset and what should be sold or¬†echange de maison (cars, boats, homes, etc.). Income support is considered to be temporary, so you’ll have to ¬†actively try to find other means of livelihood (such as applying for a job) while you get the support. You may also need to be in employment services or municipal programs or be unemployed. Be prepared to seek jobs outside your profession or the place where you live.Social Services in the municipality make an individual assessment of each application. An officer investigating your financial situation, will guide how you can become self-sufficient. The grant is calculated from the date the application is submitted.When granted assistance, you can get money for housing costs, electricity costs, and around about 3000 dollars to live on. Such assistance will be calculated individually, based on “what everyone needs.” If you have money in the bank, shares or any other asset that is easily accessible, you must generally use it in the first place. If you have assets that are more fixed, e.g. stay house or apartment, you can get financial assistance for a period while you sell the asset or solve your financial problems in other ways. If you have children, you can also get support for childcare fees, and if you are or become ill, you can also get support for medicines and doctor visits. You can also get assistance to other things in addition to social administration estimates of “normal supply”, such as dental care, eyeglasses, funerals, etc. It is possible to be granted an income support if you are waiting for wages or unemployment, and you get in such cases to repay when you receive wages or unemployment benefits. You may also be required to repay if for some reason you have too much income support.

First Contact

First Contact social services in the municipality where you will be staying during the period when you need assistance. The second Prepare to report your income and assets. You must then approve the officer may verify your information through various government agencies. Third, if you are not be granted financial assistance, you may appeal to the court. Information on how to proceed will be given by an officer who is obliged to help you with that.

Income support for students

The ability to receive income support as a student is generally limited. Basically you cannot get support during term time (unless there are special reasons that you could not have anticipated), but there are some opportunities during the summer. If you actively sought summer jobs with no results, you may be entitled to financial assistance if you meet the other requirements. The Social Services Department handles students who want support over the summer may vary, both between local authorities, and between cases. If you are seeking assistance for a short period (eg over the summer), you get in many municipalities reduced assistance. You cannot apply for income support for your student, while you live in another municipality (such as in parents) during the summer. You can seek assistance at the earliest after the end of the semester, which means that it is not certain that you can get help with the June rent because it is due in May, when the term often is not over. If you take a longer study breaks or quit / discontinue your studies and have supply problems, the same as for other jobs. In order to receive financial assistance during the summer you need to apply during the spring. Before the summer, the Division of Financial Aid establishes a special student reception. They also organize information sessions for students interested in applying for income support during the summer. If you do not receive a summer job and are not eligible for unemployment or alpha fund, you will be offered an internship. The internship lasts for 6 weeks, 4 hours per day. The internship takes place in workplaces within the municipality or membership organizations. You can also try to arrange your own internship.